Everestchool exclusively implemented the IPC International Preschool Program in Vietnam

The Vinschool educational system exclusively implements the IPC International Preschool Curriculum (International Preschool Curriculum) from the IPC (USA). The program has outcome standards compatible with the American National Association for Preschool (NAEYC); Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and other prestigious early childhood framework programs such as the British Early Education Framework (EYFS). Currently, IPC has been successfully deployed at more than 200 schools in 6 continents around the world with more than 8 million students enrolled.   Vinschool implements the IPC International Preschool program ADVANTAGES OF IPC INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM AT VINSCHOOL IPC International Kindergarten Program is recognized by prestigious educational institutions in the US, UK, and Singapore and is implemented exclusively at Vinschool Preschool. The program has a set of standards for each student's progress, built on the standards of the American National Association for Preschools (NAEYC), the Common Core American Standard CCSS (Common). Core State Standards) and UK Early Learning Framework (EYFS, UK). The program helps nurture the independence and initiative of children through student-led Learning activities according to the most prestigious models of international preschools in the world. . The integrated interdisciplinary program helps children develop comprehensively, including activities in 6 areas: Mathematics, Language Arts, Romance - Society, Creative Arts, Science, Physical Development and other motor skills. In addition to the international curriculum framework, the program is tailored to traditional Vietnamese culture learning topics.