Everest Primary & Secondary School is a school associated with Hanoi Star Education System, Everest is a comprehensive environment for learning and training for students from grades 1 – 9.

The school is located close to the Tay Ho Tay urban area with convenient traffic and an area of ​​1.3 hectares, with modern and spacious facilities leading in Hanoi.

We start an innovative curriculum with training programs:

– EVY High Quality Program (intensive regular system, 12 English periods, 7 periods of Sports, art, life skills per week)

– Acadia21 Bilingual Program (with 100% foreign teachers, aiming to train children to use English as their first language) in the miniature UK ‘The Little UK’ 800m2. ”

– Cambridge degree program

To realize our ideas, we invested in facilities with 100 international standard classrooms, 20 modern function rooms, 400m2 library, 8,000m2 playground including swimming pool, soccer field, basketball, volleyball, and boarding areas where each student has their own blankets, pillows, and air-conditioners to take care of them right from their sleep.


Everest School is proud to be the first and only school in Hanoi to have a four-season saltwater swimming pool that students have free access to and 100% of classrooms have air purifiers installed