Everest School has a total area of 13,000m2 with a playground area of nearly 8,000m2

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Physical area

+ 350m2 basketball court

+ Volleyball court 360m2

+ 350m2 football field

+ Four seasons swimming pool, 800m2 salt water

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100 classrooms with an area of 60m2 are equipped with air conditioners, interactive projectors, sound and lighting systems, tables and chairs, and lockers according to international standards.

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The Little UK (800m2), with functional areas, community rooms, group classrooms, science and art creation studio, music area, library, training room fitness, yoga, relaxation lessons, film screening, photography studio …

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20 function rooms with an area of 80m2, including English, informatics, STEAM classrooms … especially 180m2 of art space, 160m2 of music space … fully equipped with modern teaching facilities and equipment.

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Nearly 800m2 library with thousands of books and an ideal reading space to develop Everest reading periods and create good conditions for students to develop reading culture.

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Separate semi-boarding area with air conditioning, blankets and pillows for each student. One-way kitchen, food ingredients with clear origin, verified, ensured food hygiene and safety.